The award-winning, nationally-acclaimed Pascale Music Institute (PMI) teaches aspiring musicians as young as 3 1/2 years old to play the violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, and piano. Students of the Pascale Music Institute, or PMI, are taught using the innovative Pascale Method®.

The Pascale Method® is a systematic approach that sets young children up for success from the beginning. Detailed directions, fun exercises, rapid progress, coupled with a delightful reward system motivate students to master skills quickly and correctly. From the beginning, the Pascale Method and Institute stress the importance of music reading, and within 12 weeks, the student is ready to perform for friends and family, and advance to the next level of instruction.

Students everywhere who are eager to play the violin are able to learn from home using the Pascale Method®. Pascale Music Institute has published The Pascale Method® of Beginning Violin, a two-book set. The first is a 12-week workbook that is accompanied by an instructive DVD, which contain easy to-follow weekly lessons. The second book in the set is intended to inspire, organize, and reward the daily practice of the students.

The Pascale Music Institute also has a campus located in South Pasadena, near Los Angeles, which enrolls children from 3 ½ years old up to attend group classes, private lessons, as well as summer programs and boot camps. On campus, expert teachers trained in the Pascale Method®, are matched to each student. Pascale Music Institute is well-known for its unique KinderPiano® and KinderViolin® classes that are designed for beginners as young as 3 ½ and 4 ½.

We are committed to offering the highest-level string and piano instruction. We are proud that we have developed a system that allows anyone to play difficult instruments easily, with good form, good tone, and a relaxed disposition. Beginning violin doesn’t have to screech! Our students feel good about accomplishing something really great in a short amount of time.
Susan Pascale
Music Director and Founder, Pascale Music Institute

As skills develop, students may participate in one of the Institute’s three orchestras; the Training Orchestra, the Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra (LACO), and the Los Angeles Children’s Chamber Orchestra (LACCO). Both the LACO and the LACCO orchestras have garnered numerous awards in regional and national performances and competitions, including three awards at the prestigious invitation-only festival at Carnegie Hall.

Pascale Music Institute also offers a ‘College for Kids’ program, which takes children to a conservatory for a day to experience what it’s like to be a student there. This program has inspired many of our students to follow their musical talent seriously.

For music educators and teachers, PMI offers credentialing programs in the Pascale Method. With this credential, instructors may establish their own teaching studio, bringing the method to young musicians everywhere.