The Ultimate Practice Organizer with Metronome iPad app


After years of teaching her own students, Susan Pascale first designed the ideal practice organizer, and now introduces the Ultimate Practice Organizer with Metronome iPad app.

This app works great for students of all ages and any instrument. Designed for music students, teachers and parents, this app helps organize weekly assignments and daily practice. Like the print version, it rewards students for meeting goals with off-beat and edgy stickers. The delightful design motivates students and makes practice fun. Kids and parents will love the humorous animation and wacky sound effects.

Some of the App Features

  • Visually appealing, simplistic design
  • Teachers, parents or students can quickly and easily input their lesson plan for the week
  • Animated timer encourages staying on task
  • Kids will want to use the metronome with its amusing sound effects!
  • Audio recorder allows teachers or parents to give detailed instruction, demonstrate an exercise, or offer words of encouragement
  • The sticker reward system encourages kids to follow through on their goals
  • Teachers and parents can see at a glance how the student is progressing
  • The app tracks your daily and weekly progress
  • A great way to archive your lessons!

Available on the Apple App Store!

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