taught by Susan Pascale

The Pascale Method 12-week course is for teachers who want to augment their teaching skills, build a fine studio, a strings program, or an orchestra. You may also earn a Pascale Method Teacher Training Certificate. Choose from one or all of the 12 Saturday classes, which run from 10am to 2pm, in South Pasadena. Susan Pascale’s method utilizes the essential methods of the late Ivan Galamian. The method is designed specifically for children starting at age 4, and older, and works well in all settings, from private solo instruction to small groups, to school-based classes. This fresh, straightforward approach to violin teaching is proving to be highly successful. Experience first hand how easy it is to set up youngsters correctly, and to motivate kids and their parents to work hard. Most students continue their studies beyond the beginning class. In this course, you will learn by observing and doing and will receive the information you need to build your own successful program.

Classes: There are 12 stand-alone sessions. You can choose from the classes below.

Teachers must attend all 12 lessons and teach a minimum of 2 private lessons with Pascale
students under Pascale supervision. Customized program (including skype) is available.

One Class.…………………………………………..$225.00

2-12 Classes………………………………………..$125.00 each

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10:00-11:00 AM Teacher trainees will observe Mrs. Pascale teaching a small group of children, using the Pascale Method for Beginning Violin workbook. Trainees will be assigned to one or two students to work with.

11:00-11:30 AM A 30-minute discussion and review.

11:30-12:30 PM Doing the same curriculum as with the earlier group, Mrs. Pascale will teach another group of children. In this session, the goal is to give the trainees experience in leading the class, as well as helping individual students.

12:30-1:30 PM Lunch with Susan Pascale, at a casual café. Each teacher trainee purchases their own meal. Each lunch will have a different topic; see below for the list of topics. Dress casually – there will be a lot of sitting on the carpet. Out-of-towners: Email us for area accommodations. We are next to Pasadena, which has many hotels.


LESSON 1 Curriculum:

• Overview of the Pascale Method and how to effectively use it in groups.

• Beginning instruments: rent or buy?

• Sizing for success; tips on violin fitting young students

•How to teach ‘Hold your violin correctly’ to a class of 4-7 year olds

•Teaching theory; what beginners need to know

•Starting with pizzicato

•Tools and tricks for getting children to practice every day

•What to expect and what is expected from students & parents

Lunch Topic: So you want to start a strings program? Mrs. Pascale will offer practical information on how to build a flourishing strings program in your area including tips on how avoid common pitfalls.

LESSON 2 Curriculum:

• How to teach ‘holding the violin correctly’

• How to use the Pascale Method to set up the left hand

• Tips, tricks and Sticker Buddies for fingering first notes (and keeping them tall)

• Setting up the left arm position (and avoid common beginning bad habits)

• Teaching beginning note-reading

• Introducing the bow

• How to use the Pascale Method to learn the bow hold ‘Galamian’ style

• Advantages of teaching in small groups vs. one on one

Lunch Topic: For those who are starting a program, or already have one: how to win first place at a competition.

LESSON 3 Curriculum:

• How to teach a class of students to ‘hold the violin correctly’.

• The Pascale Method ‘Four Step’ procedure to setting up the left hand—especially useful for class room teaching

• Using ‘Sticker Buddies’ to teach a systematic approach to teaching the left hand position

• Hands-on approach to teaching the bow hold to kids and their parents (Lots of extra bows to go around)

• Avoiding and curing ‘drooping right elbow syndrome”. This bad habit can be tough to break

• Introducing rhythm with a great game

Lunch Topic: How to attract high caliber students to your studio (and keep the ones you have)

LESSON 4 Curriculum:

• How to teach a class of students to ‘hold the violin correctly’ quickly and easily

• How to teach setting up the left hand

• Practical techniques to get the right arm right

• How to teach the bow hand in one easy lesson with easy and fun exercises

• Introducing bowing notes and avoiding future bad habits

• How to use Pascale Method tools to reinforce correct home practice

Lunch Topic: Partnering with Parents (the key to your success) and navigating the many personalities.

LESSON 5 Curriculum:

• How to teach your class to “hold the violin correctly”: including advanced tips and shortcuts for advancing beginners

• How to teach the bow hand, plus easy and fun exercises to accelerate comfortability

• Step by step exercises to build a great bow arm from the beginning

• How to teach beginning students to play with full straight bows

• Teaching the D scale using the Pascale Method step by step approach

• Teaching Level II rhythms with an hysterical classroom game for parents and students

• Using the Pascale Method correctly to accelerate students’ progress

Lunch Topic: How to get a child to practice, even through the difficult teen years and keeping teens in your program!

LESSON 6 Curriculum:

• How to teach beginners to ‘hold the violin correctly’ and maintain good violin posture.

• How to teach holding the bow like a pro, quickly and naturally (and the exercises that reinforce good muscle memory).

• How to build a player one step at a time. Through illustration and demonstration Pascale will explain the theory behind the Pascale Method. Teacher trainees will be given an opportunity to teach one of the ‘building block’ exercises.

• The art of ‘bow crossing’. Teaching relaxed disposition = a beautiful sound.

• Teaching basic music theory-what beginners need to know

• It’s never too early to start performing! Students will play for the class. Teacher trainees will identify their problems areas and apply the Pascale Method to fix them.

Lunch Topic: What happens after graduation? Pascale will walk you through the second level curriculum from her soon-to-be published Advancing Beginners method book.

LESSON 7 Curriculum:

• How teaching violin in groups accelerates learning and promotes great posture!

• Making the most of group teaching: student to student exercises

• How’s your sound? Through student demonstration, teacher trainees will have an opportunity to fix any problems with an exercise from the Pascale Method “tool box” .

• How to hold teach holding the bow and the exercises that promote good muscle memory

• Advanced right arm movement

• Teaching beginners advanced left hand technique

Lunch Topic: How to create a winning program through workshops, festivals, recitals, competitions and more.

LESSON 8 Curriculum:

• The ins and out of running a beginning violin class

• How use Pascale Method to build your studio (or program) quickly and easily

• Step by step techniques to building a great player

• How to teach advanced left hand technique to beginners

• Bow arm exercises to create a beautiful sound

• Visualizations exercises for great form

• Got rhythm? Our beginners do! Lots of rhythmic exercises on and off the violin

Lunch Topic: Teaching groups: How to differentiate for students’ individual needs, while maintaining a cohesive class

LESSON 9 Curriculum:

• Building a fine player starts with ‘holding the violin correctly’. How to teach beginners to do this quickly and easily using a relaxed disposition

• Benefits of teaching beginning violin in a group

• Specific techniques to hold the violin and bow correctly, including review of numerous exercises

• Crossing all four strings with the bow

• Developing the left hand fingers 1, 2 & 3

• Playing and performing the first Mozart melody

Lunch Topic: How to use the Pascale Method to build a strings program.

LESSON 10 Curriculum:

• Ways to challenge students to practice more, using the tools in the workbook

• Looking towards graduation; how to deal with students different levels of accomplishment

• Specific techniques to reinforce holding the violin and bow correctly

• Bow crossings and right arm technique

• Developing left hand fingers 1, 2 & 3

• Playing and performing the first Mozart melody

Lunch Topic: How to build an award winning children’s orchestra and how to pick music for your group.

LESSON 11 Curriculum:

• In this class, experienced Teacher Trainees will work with their assigned student in front of the class. They will identify and correct problem areas using the Pascale Method “toolbox ”

• Students will use their four-step left hand technique to perform a Mozart melody

• Learn how to build a strings program by introducing the other stringed instruments to your class. Students will have an opportunity to try the viola, cello and bass and learn the personalities of each

• Review of many of the exercises in preparation for the final exam.

Lunch Topic: How to select teachers including what NOT to do!

LESSON 12 Curriculum:

In this class, the students take their final exam in a group followed by individual conferences with the student and their parents. Families will be guided as to the best next musical step for their child. There will be a final performance and graduation ceremony
Lunch Topic: Pros and cons of owning your own business

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