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The Pascale Method® is an innovative and systematic approach to teaching the violin, and many other musical instruments, to children as young as three-and-one-half years old. Through a series of clearly structured, progressive and fun activities, students learn to play an instrument, including the piano, with good form, a relaxed disposition, and beautiful tone, all while acquiring a basic knowledge of theory and music in general. This is accomplished in a relatively short period of time.

The Pascale Method has been adapted to serve the youngest students with KinderPiano® and KinderViolin® classes.

The Pascale Method®: Highlights

• Students can learn to play the violin and other string instruments in 12 weeks.
• The program is effective beginning with students as young as three-and-one-half years old.
• Note reading is taught from day one so that children are prepared to move forward quickly.
• Playing techniques are taught in an easy-to-understand style.
• Students are motivated to practice through fun and inspirational goals and rewards. Students trained using the Pascale Method want to practice.
• High performance expectations are matched with a relaxed tone and disposition.
• Students may pursue their musical education using the Pascale Method by attending the Pascale Music Institute or by working with a certified local Pascale Method teacher.
• Beginning violin training can be done at-home using two guidebooks and an instructional DVD.

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