Violin and Viola Programs

The Pascale Music Institute (PMI) is known nationally for its high-caliber violin and viola teaching. We are proud that students from our program are accepted into the best youth orchestras, arts high schools, and conservatories, and they win awards and top ratings at music festivals and in solo competitions.

We are also known for starting children early. We begin children as young as 3½ in our KinderPiano classes, and 4½ on violin, in our KinderViolin program (described below). They are taught using the unique Pascale Method. The method is an innovative and highly successful Galamian-based approach.

The Pascale Music Institute has an outstanding staff. Each teacher offers their own unique gifts and expertise, as well as being certified in the Pascale Method.

Private Lessons

Incoming violin and viola students who do not qualify for KinderViolin will be placed with a teacher according to their ability, by audition.

Our most successful students take both private lessons and participate in an orchestra. At PMI our violin and viola students through 12 years old are required to participate in the Training or Children’s Orchestra. More advanced players (through high school) are invited to participate in the Los Angeles Children’s Chamber Orchestra. We also encourage our students to participate in our Chamber Music Program.


It is very important to perform as much as possible. Our monthly recitals make this possible. All our students are encouraged to participate. More advanced students also participate in festivals, competitions and our Practice Bootcamp which is offered 3x a year.

KinderViolin® Class

KinderViolin is open to students from age 4½. They must be complete beginners to take this class. KinderPiano is the prerequisite for KinderViolin. At the end of this 6 session piano class, the teacher will assess each student’s readiness for KinderViolin. The KinderViolin course, taught by Strings Program director Susan Pascale, is 12 weeks long. Class size is no more than eight children, and they are grouped by age.

The course includes a The Pascale Method for Beginning Violin Workbook, Sticker Buddies 12 lesson Pak and a violin ‘outfit’ for use during the 12 weeks. Graduates of the course will continue their studies privately with a Pascale Method-certified violin teacher, and they will enroll in Training Orchestra. Some may change over to viola, cello or bass. The director will meet with each family to determine the next course of action.

To sign up for private lessons or KinderViolin ® class, go to Course Sign Up, or email us.