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Who said you have to be tall to play the bass?

At Pascale Music Institute, bass studies begin as young as 4 ½, using our exclusive 1/10th size basses. Starting them so young is quite unusual, but our small players are accomplishing big things.

Is there an advantage to starting bass at such a young age?

We think so. With a qualified teacher, a young bass student will learn proper form including body and hand position, from the beginning. This will quickly lead to the student feeling comfortable relating to such a large instrument.

What kind of a youngster plays bass?

Most often, we’ve found that three kinds of children are motivated to learn this unique instrument:

• Children who, for unknown reasons, are just passionate about the bass! They’ve always wanted to play the bass, and often can’t explain why!

• Children who have a strong interest in jazz. Bass is a uniquely versatile, and more often used in jazz music than other stringed instruments.

• Children who already play the piano. Piano students miss the social aspect of playing music, and often wish they could be in an orchestra. And piano students are already trained to read the bass clef, plus they have a strong sense of rhythm and note-reading. They pick up the bass relatively quickly.

Contrary to what one might think, children do not have to be tall to succeed on the bass. In our program, even average-sized preschoolers succeed. However, owning a larger car is definitely helpful! While our 1/10th size basses are about as large as a cello, they quickly increase in size as the child grows.

As with all our stringed instruments, the Pascale Music Institute (PMI) offers a holistic environment, which includes lessons, chamber music participation, and orchestra.

We rent high-quality, child-sized basses, as small as 1/10th through full size.