Our KinderPiano® lessons “for little fingers” are a great way for preschoolers through first graders to begin their musical studies. This is an ideal introductory class for the child who is fascinated by musical instruments; who is easily engaged in music; who may have participated enthusiastically in a ‘mommy and me’ preschool music group, and for the child whose parents understand the importance of starting a child young in music.

Preschoolers enjoy learning basic piano skills, including listening, rhythm, form, and simple note-reading. Each child sits at their own keyboard during class. Parents sit alongside them. The lessons teache good practice habits through positive reinforcement, including plenty of stickers and prizes!

Pascale believes it is never too early to perform, so she designed KinderPiano to include a graduation recital. (Her own daughter first performed at 3 ½, for a room full of seniors. She won them over at the end of the song when she bowed backwards. Luckily this priceless moment was caught on tape.)

KinderPiano® students are from 3 1/2 to 1st grade.
If your student is under 3 1/2, please meet with the director to determine their readiness for KinderPiano®.

The introductory KinderPiano lesson package has five sessions, which we’ve found to be just the right amount of time to determine the next step.

After graduation from KinderPiano, the child may:
• Move on to KinderPiano® II, or
• Enroll in one-on-one private piano lessons, or
• Go into our KinderViolin® program. KinderPiano® is a prerequisite for KinderViolin®. The child must be 4  1/2 or older, or
• If the child is not yet mature enough to continue music lessons, they may stop now, and pick it up later. Even if your child is not ready for advanced lessons, rest assured that participation in the program will benefit them in many ways, and they will draw on the lessons learned when they are ready to try music again.

Keyboards are provided for each child in class, and low-cost keyboard rentals (or rent-to-buy) are available for home use.

Private Piano Lessons
Our piano program serves students at all levels. Students are encouraged to participate in our monthly recitals.
Piano/Voice Combo These lessons are split between basic piano skills and voice. This is an ideal situation for children who love to sing. They learn the basics of music, including ear-training, rhythm, note-reading, and more.

It is very important for beginners to perform as much as possible. Our monthly recitals make this possible. All our students are encouraged to participate.
Students dress in performance attire and invite relatives and friends. The kids especially love the treats (and healthy snacks) at the reception following the performances.

Register online for KinderPiano® or private piano lessons. Or for more information, please contact Susan Pascale.

Piano students may qualify for our chamber music program.