Pascale Method® for Beginning Violin

Use the Pascale Method® in your classroom, studio or from your home! The program is designed for beginners of all ages, and even includes tips for parents and educators.

This fine-tuned program includes a set of two books. The first book, The Pascale Method® for Beginning Violin is a workbook that includes an instructional DVD. It is an easy-to-follow systematic approach to setting up beginning violin students. The 12 detailed weekly lessons are fun and motivating, and students master skills quickly. Note reading is learned from the beginning, students are introduced to music theory and Kodaly-styled rhythms. By the end of 12 weeks, the student is ready to perform for family and friends, playing with a good tone and a relaxed disposition. He or she is ready to advance to the next level of instruction.

The second book, The Ultimate Practice Organizer inspires, organizes, and rewards daily practice. It is an essential tool for achieving goals and moving forward.


Want to bring a successful music program to your area? Music educators, teachers, Pascale Music Institute offers accredited programs in the Pascale Method®. With this credential, instructors may establish their own teaching studio, bringing Pascale Method® to young musicians everywhere.
Training workshops are offered throughout the year at Pascale Music Institute’s Los Angeles-area campus, with long distance training programs also available.


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